Chain Reaction is a teen development program that teaches teens through service centered curriculum. We need your help in creating impact beyond ourselves in our local community. Donate today and become a Chain Reaction Supporter!

What is Chain Reaction?

Chain Reaction is a teen leadership institute that uses service as a teaching tool. What does this mean for you, as a donor? With your help, we change teens' lives as we prepare them for the world while impacting the community. We take their passions and talents to create service opportunities that are fun and educational. Chain Reaction is supported largely by our donors and partners. They are our behind-the-scenes support that make all of Chain Reaction possible. Through their time, energy and financial support, they not only change teens' lives, they systematically impact the adolescent education system. Our community, our teens and future leadership depend on the generosity of individuals, foundations and businesses. Like our teens, we challenge our donors to make an impact beyond themselves. If you are interested in becoming a Chain Reaction Donor, make sure to fill out our online form. We will contact you soon.

We have had many donors throughout the years who have impacted Chain Reaction, helping us reach and educate the local teens. Listed below are our most prominent donors who's donations have positively impacted our growth as an organization. If you want to join these great organizations in impacting the community, make sure to fill out our form. We will reach out to you shortly after.

The Tin Cow and the Chain Reaction Center

The Tin Cow has partnered with Chain Reaction through one of its menu items, the "Chain Reaction" Burger. Donating a portion of the proceeds for every delicious burger sold, The Tin Cow has donated over $7700 to Chain Reaction!

Hardees and the Chain Reaction Teen Convention

Each year, Hardees not only donates breakfast to our Convention teens, but also provides all Convention teens with a Teen Convention t-shirt. The Teen Convention takes leadership and character education to the next level by giving all high school students an innovative and unique opportunity to learn from our local leaders, participate in meaningful activities and learn skills for becoming socially responsible community members at this two-day event. Our Convention is another great way to get visibility for your brand with our community, including teens. If you have questions or want to donate to this event, fill out our online form!

The Bear Foundation and the Service RUSH Luncheon

The Bear Family Foundation has always been a huge support with the Chain Reaction Service RUSH Luncheon donating thousands of dollars each year towards better programming, tracking and curriculum. Service Rush is a new Chain Reaction project that works with teens in groups of 35 to show the excitement and long-term "rush" of service. It provides a forum for teens to be educated and inspired to better the world. If you or someone you know would like to speak or donate money to this event, fill out our online form!

Kia and our Egg Fest fundraiser

Last November, Chain Reaction hosted its first big fundraiser, Egg Fest. This successful event not only fed the local foodies with delicious cooked delicacies, but also highlighted our most prominent sponsors. If you are interested in joining in on the foodie craze to get some visibility for your brand, fill out our form. Kia Autosport of Pensacola served as the 2013 Title Sponsor of Egg Fest and has also been secured to be the 2014 Title Sponsor.

Who makes up Chain Reaction?

Kristin G. Fairchild

Founder & Executive Director, 2005-Present

As founder and Executive Director of Chain Reaction, Kristin Fairchild saw a need to teach kids something that can’t be taught in schools, or learned in textbooks—leadership, character and humility. With a background in Family and Child Development, in 2003 Kristin launched what is now Chain Reaction. Since the introduction of Chain Reaction to the local area, Kristin has recruited and taught over 3,500 teens how to make an impact beyond themselves. When she is not busy helping teens make an impact beyond themselves, Kristin spends time with her husband and three children.

Dannele Ferreras
Member Services Manager, June 2014-Present

Dannele Ferreras was a member of Chain Reaction from 2005-2009 and enjoyed her experience with Chain Reaction so much as a teen that she decided to come back as a staff member! Dannele earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology from Birmingham-Southern College in May 2013. Prior to joining Chain Reaction, she worked as a research technician with The University of Alabama conducting research in early child care and education for the Alabama Department of Human Resources. Her academic interests range from educational psychology and youth development to social policy and community development and has found Chain Reaction to be a perfect fit!

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are responsible for ensuring the agency’s compliance with established policies, as well as the organization’s fiscal soundness and operation pursuant to budget guidelines. Chain Reaction board members are a working board – willing to roll up their sleeves with both events and fundraising. They attend monthly meetings, work with different Chain Reaction teen projects and serve as committee chairs. To become a part of Chain Reaction’s Board of Directors, there is an extensive application process – please call Chain Reaction at 850-202-0691 for more details. Remember, there are many ways to serve as a CR Advocate if not selected as a board member!

What is our History?

Kristin Fairchild developed and launched Chain Reaction in 2003 after an inspirational visit with a local teen volunteer center in South Florida. Starting with only 10 teenagers and a handful of adult volunteers. By 2007, with 650 teen volunteers, Chain Reaction won the IMPACT 100 grant and grew from 650 teens to 1000 teens. In 2009, CR realized that it was not simply volunteering that changed the lives of teens, but instead volunteerism combined with "hands on" education and leadership development. In 2010, the Chain Reaction Center was opened, to ensure teens could come everyday after school and receive youth leadership and youth development. In 2014, Chain Reaction received the "Brand On Us" grant, led by idgroup, which entails undergoing a rebranding process valued at $100,000. The new look of Chain Reaction was launched in the community with over $100,000 of marketing services donated by idgroup including a new website, billboards, commercials, print advertisements and more. Chain Reaction has evolved into the premier teen leadership experiential education organization. In a safe, fun and empowering environment, our teens discover their innate strengths and untapped abilities; unite as a team of connected, committed citizens; believe in themselves to achieve more and aspire to see the good in all things.

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